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“Brevity is the soul of …

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“Brevity is the soul of content.”

In my position as co-founder of Antiques Weeks Media, LLC, I oversee –  and provide 90% of  – the content for our family of destination websites. The blogs we post cover everything from ancient Asian bronze vessels to modern art, as well as info on local attractions and museum exhibitions.

The challenge, as with all content providers, is how to give a complete picture in about 400 words. With  Twitter, as we all know,  it’s 140 characters.   While Facebook gives you more space, you’re not likely to post a novel here. A text must get is point across is 2.6 seconds.

The heart and soul of providing content is brevity.  That requires good writing, as Peter Shankman, founder of Help a Report Out (HARO), says so often.

Good writing like good design is sleek and meaningful.  For all of you who grapple with fitting the word puzzle together, here are few thoughts …

  1. Find out how your audiences want to be reached – communicate with them through that channel
  2. Do not learn write w/txt talk. Gather your thoughts, craft your sentences
  3. Keep it on message, keep it relevant
  4. Don’t get cute; humor is a hard play
  5.  For vintage and antiques dealers, don’t go overboard on the fine details of product. You might love history but most likely your audience loves the look and the style

There are two more words that I associate with effective writing. They are Factual and Useful.

Everyone is an expert in something, so Factual should be no problem.

Useful, however, is a different story. Your content won’t get read unless it helps someone do something. That could be as simple as finding a discount parking lot near the Philadelphia Antiques Show as we did on the Shows page.

It could be as complex as engaging a reader in the back story of design, as we do on  If you’re in the complex group, keep the 5 guidelines shown above by your computer.