A PR Blog for the Arts Trade

To antique dealers, Show producers, auction houses, appraisers who are  bound by tradition but in need of strategic Public Relations-this blog is for you. PR To the Trade is the only public relations firm that knows your business and what you need to get the word out.

In the blog, we’ll survey the antiques market, the arts markets and show you how to make the most of your public relations.

For more information, visit

Serving the Antiques and Arts Trade Exclusively

Marketing for the Antiques and Arts Business, Exclusively

  1. Thanks for all of the informative posts! In this day in age, smart and effective PR is critical to success for business owners. I look forward to future articles and posts!

  2. wow! i am really happy to have found this page! as a young collector you got me so right! that is exactly the reason why I started my blog, because i found nothing useful to help build a collection, everyone is focused on selling not on helping people buy things…

    PS. would love to know what you think of it!

    • Thanks for the comment Alicia. I checked out your blog and love it! Would you be interested in doing a guest blog for me? Sort of fleshing out the comment you made and making suggestions on how you, as a collector, could be helped?

  3. went through few of your posts, they are actually quite interesting… =) ! dont know how i ended up being here… but now i feel lucky for that ! lol …keep up the good work ! =)

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