Modern Vintage Times Meets Demands of Stylish Young Collectors

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DALLAS and NEW YORK -To meet with the high demand for a centralized resource that provides information on the growing market for modern and vintage items, Antiques Weeks Media, LLC announces the launch of  The destination website is national in scope and profiles regional and virtual markets year round. Image

The publishers of the classic antiques weeks sites, and state that has a youthful appeal.

“Modern and vintage shows attract a young audience,” says Eric Miller, co-founder, along with Regina Kolbe, of Antiques Weeks Media. LLC. “There is a huge appetite for items that span the better part of the 20th Century, from roughly the birth of Art Deco in the 1925 to vintage 1970s furniture, fashion and studio art of the 1980s. People want to know where to find their favorite items. will is an independent, inclusionary resource that will keep them up to date on the specialized shows, galleries, e-commerce sites  and auctions.
Miller says the vintage and modern vogue extends from America’s urban flea markets and vintage stores to small specialty shows, high-end modernism shows and e-commerce sites. Consequently, the new site is expected to exceed the parameters established by the company’s classic antiques weeks sites.

In addtion to providing shopping information, offers regional destination information, such as places to stay, local attractions and events that fit into the contemporary aesthetic.

In describing the typical modern and vintage collector, Miller said above all, in whatever they buy, they look for “good design.” He continued, “in this vein, design reigns over craft.” Consumer habits reflect the assessment. Buyers are as likely to purchase  decorative arts and applied arts as clothing, jewelry, music and mass produced consumer goods. will fuel the need for knowledge in this area by creating content on modern and vintage designers and objects. In coming weeks, will respond to viewers comments and post content on the most popular items.

In addition, the marketing channels for rely strong on social media and word of mouth. The relatively new VintageModernTimes Facebook page has already garnered hundreds of followers. “This is one area where the two-way dialog of the Internet will make a difference in the marketplace,” Miller concluded. is an advertiser’s dream. “Where else can you find good design at all levels? There just isn’t any other site as inclusive and accessible as

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