What Sellers Should Know About Facebook Now

In Art and the American Way, Art business, business, Drive Website Traffic on April 22, 2011 at 3:34 pm

As the rush to Facebook becomes more defined, the ways to use it are becoming more refined. That is, the metrics have been long enough to provide answers about how to best use Facebook, when to post and what your “likes” expect from your page. (I’ll address expectations in the next blog post.)

Here are the new ground rules for making the most of Facebook.

The best day to publish is not a weekday. It’s the weekend. Good information that is published on Saturday and Sunday pulls in the widest audience.

The best time to post is 8:00 a.m.  Like you, people are more receptive to information before they get caught up in the day’s activities.

The content that gets the most traffic is related to sex. Since you’re selling antiques, the best content is positivity. Coming in at third place is learning. And coming in at last place, work.

The most sharable word is Facebook. Since you’re probably not going on and on about FB, other words with a high share rate are: why, most and world. Video, health, how, big, bills, says all rank about the same in shareability.

The least shared words are vs, apple and review.  Down, poll, Twitter, game and york are next in line for least shared.

And, here’s a clincher, the best frequency of posts is every other day. (Whew! That gives us all more time to get some real work done.)

Since it’s  Friday , I’m going to hold my next post until Saturday morning at 8:00 and then I’ll share some positive information you can learn from  on Facebook.  And you can be sure to find out why, most things that happen in the world of antiques are big news.

Be sure to check PR To the Trade out at Facebook.


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