Social Media and Good Writing

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Good Writing is No Secret

I went to two conferences last week – both on Social Media. Both with famous SEO guys who not only embrace SM (social media) but can talk for hours on it.  Interestingly, one of the key points to come of both sessions is good writing is more important than ever.

If you blog, you already know 250 – 300 words are best for a post.

Facebook gives you a bit more space to talk about the lion you met on the trek to Victoria Falls. Even so, you are still character limited.

Twitter – aha! – now you’re down to 14o characters. (I’ve had people tell me they can’t tweet because they can’t write short.)  Tweeting demands good writing skills.

Forget staring at a blank piece of paper, now you’re confined to space of a window. How can you quickly  master the techniques of good writing? Here are six simple steps.

  1. You can do it. Get the word “you” up front and you’re making instant contact. Nothing grabs a reader faster.  (“You’s” only serious competition is “free.” )
  2. Sell the benefits. If you say, “the desk has two  drawers over four,” that’s a feature. Say. “You get six drawers – two for your watches and socks, four for  your jeans and tee-shirts.” Even a minimalist will take note.
  3. Say why it’s smart to buy from you.  Tell you reader what sets off your shop. Is it free delivery? Trade-up guarantee? Or, it could be a matter of massaging your customer’s ego.
  4. Go conversational. Start your sentences with And or But. It is no longer against the law.

  1. Text msgs don’t translate.  Use “for,” not “4,” “you,” not “u.”
  2. Delete “that.” Getting rid of the “that” make your sentence flow more smoothly.
  3. Tell you reader what to do. The call to action – from “shop here” to “move your car” to visit PR To the – works wonders.

Now, armed with these six simple steps, the task is not as daunting. Oh, one other word of wisdom from the pros…

  • You are your own best product. When using social media, please stop talking about yourself. SM is a  two-way conversation. Give your readers a break on the sales pitch and them get to know you.

So, follow me  on Twitter. Let’s get to know one another.

  1. Thanks for the tips! Great post!

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