VIP and – Lessons in Luxury Marketing

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WSJ talks VIP

With all the up-front ballyhoo and then acceptance of online selling, the first big push  to sell high level art virtually opens next week. It’s the VIP Art Show, a prelude to what Google and pals will be doing with in coming months.  This is luxury marketing at its finest.

VIP and are good for business – your business. The reason, VIP and are training your consumers.

  • They’re training them to buy without physically viewing merchandise
  • They’re training them to trust online sellers more than ever before
  • They’re training in an arena that is – sadly – still underused by sellers of antiques and arts

On the other hand, these high-level efforts also mean that if your business is primarily a brick/mortar deal, you will need to protect yourself with stronger marketing campaigns.

  • Stronger marketing campaigns mean solidifying your brand
  • Making your place of business a destination
  • Providing a good reason for shoppers to come in
  • Joining in co-op marketing programs

If you haven’t already optimized the out-reach for new audiences, this is the time to do it.

Ironically, a hefty slice of your marketing pie should go to the Internet and  contextually relevant sites. A hefty slice of time  should be spent on Facebook, Twitter, the social media. Other efforts need to focus on smart traditional media buys.

As VIP and break through the four walls with the biggest push we’ve seen so far, you will fill the repercussions in both bad and good ways.

Informed risk takers, the people who don’t hide behind old ways of doing business, who are willing to reach out to new audiences, will benefit from the efforts of VIP and

Be sure to follow both closely. These are textbook lessons in the making. You will learn from them. BTY, VIP opens next week and runs for a limited. launches in the Spring.


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