America: Here and Now. Using Art 2 Connect

In Art and the American Way, Cool Exhibitions on October 19, 2010 at 11:58 pm

Americans for the Arts just sent me the most exciting news. Must share it with you. This couldd be America’s next important moment.

It’s an art based idea to get people connected by using art as the catalyst.  It began with Eric Fischl, includes creators, educators and people who support the arts.

The movement is called


The project includes 150 known American creators have created works of art for the long running event  and they’re taking it on the road. Using art as the catalyst to help people renew their sense of where they are and how they look at where they are.

Sure beats Tea Party politics.

The Look of America: Here and Now

America: Now and Here Poster

AMERICA: Now and Here is  definitely worth checking out. You can participate and support it. You don’t have pay, don’t even have to vote. All you need is an opinion – and who among us doesn’t have at least one one both America and art.

Could AMERICA: Now and Here give new meaning to the phrase “the politics of art?” I hope so. Really hope so.


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