Link Building for Antique Dealers, Auction Houses, Appraisers

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Links  help you build awareness, visibility, credibility.  Links drive  traffic. Links alert the search engines.

In short, links are for the  people who click them and the search engines that judge them.

Love Me? Link me.

If you’re actively pursuing merit based links, that’s great. If not, this blog is for you.

Let’s put your site in perspective. No matter how strong it is, there are  431 million other  sites that are fighting for the top spot on Google.   Google is searched 1 billion times a day. That should give you idea of how vital your  link building efforts should be.

There is something else you should know before you scramble off in search of links. Link popularity = the sum total of all the links pointing at your site – the ones that serve no purpose. In other words, a useless link is one that doesn’t bring traffic or send info to search engine pages. So, how do you know what links to go after help your business?  Look for links that are earned by merit.

Merit based lins vs. spammy links

Merit Based Links vs. Spammy Links

Since getting traffic to your website is very different from buying and selling product, it’s best to leave the link building to your PR team.  With at least 30 different tactics available for link building, you want to go with the ones that fall into the good practices arena.

You can buy links. You can swap links. You can get links by merit. A good rule of thumb is that in general, the easier it is to get a link, the less likely it is to help you. Getting links organically, or  by merit is your best bet – but it is not overnight wish fulfillment.

  • Solid link bulding takes time
  • It takes patience

And that’s just a fact of life that you are going to have to live with if you plan on sticking around on the Internet. That said, every business requires a different link strategy. What works for a seller of dinosaur bones probably isn’t going to work for a seller of Chippendale furniture.

The approach has to be based on your focus, content and audience. Clearly, these strategies includes some easy gets, like directories and link sawpping. A few antiques directories include: Antiques & Collectibles Directory, The Antiques Directory, Collectics, Go Antiquing, You’ll want to swap links too.

By the way, when you ask a stranger for a link swap, be sure you know his or her name. Don’t send mass emails or add attachments. You’ll also need:

  • Merit based links from link “curators.” For this, you should have professionally written content and strong technical support.
  • Online public relations. This includes the profesionally written and distributed  press releases and articles that drive traffic to your site.
  • Non-sensationalist link bait.  Keywords rich teasers spread across you social media and networking sites that intrigue and drive people to your site.
  • Click through traffic driven by a media plan that includes online advertising on contextual relevant sites and basic AdWords of FB ads.
  • On-site link optimization. Again, your tech team and your content writers need to have strong skills.

Sound time consuming – of course it is. White Hat link building (as it’s called in the industry)   requires as much expertise and thought as you put into buying new inventory. That’s why you pay the big bucks. And if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll find out just how much your time is worth.

Link building isn’t just for big corporations. Link building is for every antique dealer, auction gallery, appraiser, designer – everyone in the trade. I suggest you take a look at your marketing strategy and check it in terms of your website’s traffic.

Ultimately, you’ll build a stronger business with new buyers by having a strong website with good links and great traffic.

Want to know how many links you have? You  can find out at  Link Popularity Check. Just remember, in link building raw numbers are meaningless.


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