The Best Adrenaline Rush You Can Get Sitting Down.

In Uncategorized on August 18, 2010 at 6:26 pm

Closing in on the end of summer, and there’s so much to talk about. Should have been blogging more often, and blame the crush of shows and the July/August show schedule with its overabundance of info for the block.  Now that I’m here, how about a barometer of the market…

  • Talked to a hot-shot SM guy the other day and discovered why the Ren Gen (millennials, whatever) are shopping DWR instead of getting the real stuff from the auction houses: A) It never occurred to them. B) They didn’t realize bidding at auction is the best adrenaline rush you can get sitting down. (Whose fault is that? Still sending those press releases to the same tired crowd? Still looking at the same small circle of buyers?)
  • Bill Rau says that for them, Rau Antiques, the market for Impressionist paintings has been fantastic this summer.
  • From Artnet, I get the word that their virtual auction business is soaring. Over $1 million, according to the latest stats. Question: How is the virtual auction business going to affect your brick and mortar biz?
  • Latest controversy out of the UK is authenticity of 18th Century Chinese Rhino Horn Libation cups. (Seems a tempest in a teapot but has repercussions that could resonate throughout the Asian art market.)
  • Thrilled that David J. Goldberg sighted the Albert Bierstadt that made $105,300 for Libby Nelson in the Coeur D’Alene Art Auction.

    Albert Bierstadt's "Above the Timberline"

    Albert Bierstadt's "Above the Timberline"

  • With more than 18,000 US based auction houses on auctionzip, it’s time to ask what your competition is doing this fall.
  • Latest virtual news is James Cohan’s winter virtual art show, coming January-ish, 2011. This will be a great test of how the upper end views shopping on-line vs. the give/take of dealers and live shows.
  • Kinda of fun and taste of the times: Went to a Japanese restaurant deep in Mexico that had anime characters painted on the wall.  Is the global culture a one culture now? Will Epcot be the only place you can get a flavor of different countries?
Coastal Maine

Maine in the Summer.

  • Coastal Maine Antiques Show opens next week – about the same time college freshmen move into dorm rooms.
  • Recently met an interior decorator from CT who (in boom times) does major homes. Her new niche is first floor additions for the Boomers anticipating knee ops and more.  Antique dealers, this might be time to adjust your inventory to the new aging.
  • So many late August auctions, can’t keep up with them all.  Again, what are you doing to set your general sales apart.  We have developed new techniques to help.
  • Sandford Smith seems to be doing great with FB. I’m getting the news about upcoming shows on the Newsfeed.
  • One more thing – this about SM. More than 4 million social media types say they love and follow antiques. How many can you count among your SM efforts? You might want to ask me how to reach them too.
  • How cool that U of Rhode Island uncovered 6 lost WPA murals during its recent renovation.
  • The best news of the summer was the Wilco Solid Sound Festival at Mass MoCA. And with all those Sol LeWitt wall drawings around!  Another great adrenaline rush.

Back to business…we’ve got press releases to get out and people to engage. Check back tomorrow for my blog on dusty words and how to get more traffic using fresh words to increase SEO.


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