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You’re on Twitter…now what?

If you want to make the most of those posts, you’ll want to follow a few simple tried-and-tested techniques.

First, decide what your goal is, In most cases, the bottom line is get more clients, consignors, buyers, bidders.

The action plan for this is pretty straight forward:

1. Know the fundamentals.

2. Analyze and make your tweets more powerful.

I’ll keep this short and simple, just like Twitter. One reason it is so popular is because you can say all you need to in just 140 characters. Think not?

Then take one of your favorite phrases, like “Our upcoming auction has some stellar lots in it. A mid-century desk, a Tiffany lamp, a collection of Sevres porcelains.” Guess the characters. Remarkably, it’s only 122 characters. Now add your url. Voila, that’s a tweet.

Now that you see it is feasible to tweet in coherent phrases, let’s take a look at the Twitter page you’re setting up.

  • Think of Twitter as a mini-website. You page should reflect your brand, your website, your auction house’s personality. In other words, it pays to get a professional looking background.

You can do this from any of several sites that offer free backgrounds. Best bet, however, is to get a custom made design.

  • Use your name and a photo avatar, even if the url is your auction house’s name. People respond to people, not companies.
  • You’re busy with consignors, clients, cataloging, so how are you going to get those tweets posted and shared 3X a day? (BTW, Tuesday is the busiest day of the week on Twitter.) Answer: sign on to a free time management tool. There’s, buzzom, SocialOomph, Hootsuite.

The management tools give you the option of spending an hour writing tweets that you can schedule weeks out.

  • You will want to know the impact of your tweets on driving traffic to your website. Best bet, set up your Google Analytics, also free. By monitoring this metrics reporter, you will be able to find out how much new website traffic came from Twitter. If it’s not enought, adjust your tweeting stratgy.
  • Schedule your Tweets 2 or 3 times a day. Find out what your target audience really wnats to hear. (It might not be what you think.) You can do this by testing calls to action within each tweet. You can test keywords and links here too.
  • Don’t blow your own horn all the time. One of the secrets to good tweeting-good social networking in general-is to add the personality. Pull back the curtain and let people see you through the marketing. They’re likely to respond to a story about your doggie or a new child and cheer on your deserved vacation. (Yes, this is still in the realm of marketing because the object is getting them to become loyal followers.)

On the back end, you’ll want to analyze and improve.

  • Hootsuite will measure the number of clicks you get on links in tweets. Google Analytics will measure more, like pages per visit, unique visitors and conversion metrics (if a visitor became a customer.)
  • Include links as often as possible. Think of your tweets as link bait to attract visitors. You can then measure the results of the links.
  • Use popular keywords. Not just the keywords you think are popular, but the ones that Google Keywords tells you are popular.  Hint: long tail keywords are better than short ones.
  • Don’t be too sales oreinted. Try a softer approach, with calls to action.

It’s easy to produce targeted, well-crafted Twitter updates. And ever so important.PR To the Trade

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