Southern Decorator and New Orleans Star in Latique Magazine in April.

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As grows, I’ll print the news here. This one – in the form of a press release about the April issue of Latique Magazine – demonstrates how content can be used to drive traffic to a site.

DALLAS. The April issue of LatiqueMagazine, the ezine component of, reads like a style guide to the south.  Willson Powell, a transplanted New York decorators now living in South Carolina is the designer of the month. New Orleans is the featured city of the month.

Latique Co-Founder, Julie Garrett VanDolen

Mr. Powell is the second interior designer to be featured in Latique Magazine. Coming issues promise such star designers as Tobi Fairley, one of Traditional Home’s 20 Young Designers, and Sandra Espinet, both a world-class decorator and world-class shopper.

Willson Powell, who spent nearly three decades in New York City transforming townhouses, lofts and classic apartments into havens of taste and comfort, was a member of the Robert Litwiller team that worked on the much publicized David Bowie hideaway in Mustique. In his description of what makes this house, or any house, a home, Mr. Powell says it’s all about comfort.

To define the comfort zone of a home, Mr. Powell often multi-purposes dining rooms as libraries and crafts areas. He takes the family room to new heights by repurposing traditional items such as Sheraton and Hepplewhite sideboards. While some visitors may have no idea where to source a Sheraton sideboard, offers several for sale on its site from dealers across the country.

Meanwhile, cultural travelers will find the New Orleans story a practical guide to the City. Although much has been written on the Crescent City’s many sights and amenities, few have touched on the famous makers that produced the richly decorated chairs that once defined a home of good taste.

A trip to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the annual rite of passage that is arguably the granddaddy of such events as SXSW, will interest all who love live music. The event, which spans a fortnight at the end of April and into the first weekend of May, showcases hundreds of bands.

Combining interior design of the South with the musical heritage of the South’s most famous city is one way to engage the community that Latique reaches. Another is to show how buying antiques can pay off as Julie Garrett VanDolen does in the Latique Founder’s Letter.

What to buy now – while it is undervalued – is covered in “The Affordable IT Item.” This is where http:// writers post the “rules” of buying antiques and uncover the best buys of the moment.

In April, Latiquers should look for vintage and antique garden furniture, outdoor water features and well-cast planers.

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About, based in Dallas, is a source for traditional antiques and classic home decor. Co-founders are Julie Garrett VanDolen, Justin Garrett and Jeff Garrett.

Media Contact: Julie Garrett VanDolen, (800) 891-9409


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