What Young Collectors & Social Media Can Show Antique Dealers.

In 1 on March 29, 2010 at 7:32 pm

50 may be the new 40 and 40 the new 30 – but there’s no changing the mindset that goes with chronological age. At least that’s the latest from the research labs that specialize in psychographics and other behavorial factors.

Seems that folks who were born in the beginning of the 20th Century were very linear thinkers, comfortable in large corporations with 100 Vice Presidents.  The Boomers have a different mindset. They’re the most entitled, the most imporatnt – legends in their own minds. And the boomer’s kids -that’s the Internet generation. They’re different from the core. Born of the information age, they can handle more brain food. Internet gen seems to be more creative (possibly because of the increased data), more adaptable and more informed.  Simply, they’re open to the many channels of communication at once.

That’s why they’re so eager to connect. New school social networking is not so different from old school networking. Social networks are the new Woodstock.

So many social networks

Social media can inform your growth plan. Image courtesy Rapp.

If you find them overwhelming, it’s probably because they blur the boundaries of the marketing channels. But they can deliver the information you need to grow.

Social media are a bit of everything…

  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Customer Service.

In more complex companies, C-level executives include Operations and Infrastructure within the blurred picture of Social Media.  Be that as it may, this can be confusing if you’re trying to manage your own marketing program.

Other than working with a specialist who can meld the components of your media plan, your print, your newsletters, your You Tube so they they truly reflect your brand, the best thing to do is watch the results you are getting from you Social Media.

Social Media can inform you marketing decisions and,

in turn, inform the products you buy and sell.

If you’re on Facebook, take a look at your fans’ sites. You’ll gain valuable mareketing information . If your Tweets are being followed, find out whose followng you.   If you’re on the new product based site with the social component,, you will soon have information on new buyers that you can use. offers sellers a social component.

Is it easy? Yes, but time consuming. (One reason you’re a dealer and we’re a marketing org – because we have the mindset to wade through these scenarios as well as the metrics and KPIs.) Still, when you don’t have walk-ins, what else are you doing?

Young collectors – let’s call them buyers, young marrieds or new home-owners – have lots of balls to juggle. The internet is where they gather to share  experiences, get peer advice and approval, connect.

Let me urge you to make more use of the Social Media than you’re doing now. You’ll be more informed than you thought possible.


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