How “Comments” Can Grow Your Antiques Business

In 1 on February 3, 2010 at 3:23 pm

You’ll see them on every blog and social marketing site – a box for Comments.

This simple little tool can be your turnkey to building a community. Comments are  easy to use, quick, and extremely effective.

A Typical Comment Box

So why do dealers chant,  “O I don’t want to be bothered leaving comments. It’s too much work.”?

Let me answer with a question.  How do you think you’re going to get noticed if you don’t comment?

(From here,  I can hear you saying: SEO, Shows, Update my website regularly. These are all factors, but they do not have the IMMEDIACY of Comments.)

Comments are what people are talking about today. They’re Opinions. Everyone has one. So…harness the power of Comments to draw attention to your site, ideas, product.

Harness Ideas and Opinions

Used frequently and with a certain amount of savvy, Comments can help you find new collectors.

  1. Comments can make you stand out on the crowded Internet.
  2. They can draw traffic to your website.
  3. They can grow the community of prospects who look to you for expert advice and excellent product.

Today I’m going to give you a few basics about Comments and hope you’ll use them.

Then you can Comment on my blog. Post your comments on other blogs. Post comments on your FB page, Twitter, and all the social media until-suddenly-you discover that you’re talking with a variety of people on the same topic.

When that happens, you’re a celebrity in your circle. You have built a following by creating a web personality.

  • A strong web personality – and it can be expert, contrarian, educator, promoter – is a key factor in working the internet to your benefit.

Handled properly, comments start the dialog that engages a community.

  • Community building is the means to growing your business in the Web2 world.

If you have a place for comments on your website, fantastic. You’re now in the position to receive and moderate comments.

In case you don’t know – Moderating comments is what you do when you receive an email that says, “You have a comment. Approve it. Delete it.”  To post it on your site, you need only press Approve.

If you don’t have a place for Comments on your website, follow this path:

  1. Find a blog you like  to read (mine, perhaps) and let the writer know what you think. When the blogger responds, you’re in the conversation.
  2. Stir the pot. Like a good after-dinner conversational disagreement, you’ll raise pulse rates when you pepper you comments with controversy.
  3. Answer the Comments you generate. Don’t walk away from the conversation keep it goings.
  4. Don’t delete negative Comments. Dealers ask me about this all the time. They say, “suppose someone has something negative to say.” Rule of thumb: Do not delete the negative comments. Since you’re moderating, you can pick and choose which Comments to post. If they are all kind and generous, your community isn’t going to believe you. The good news is that most of your Comments will be positive, so there’s little to worry about.
  5. Be evangelical. If you’re not getting the volume of Comments you want, hire an Evangelist. Hire two Evangelists. These are people who populate your site with link bait and comments that draw in other commenters.  Rule of thumb: Slow steam ahead. Use these evangelists just to get the ball rolling. Don’t think for a moment they can sustain you.
  6. Compliment your community. Once you have engaged a community, talk to them as if you have met everyone. Keep them apprised of their role in your business. For instance, if a thread of comments resulted in the sale of fine item, let your community know. They’ll feel good about being a part of something positive and they will be inspired to Comment even more. Not to mention the fact that they are likely to be buyers too.

With Comments, you can get the conversation rolling in your direction!

Click on this button BELOW to be heard.

Why not hit the Comment buton below and let me know how you feel about Comments, the social marketing web and how you’re using them to grow your business?

Test the power of Comments – click on the button below.

  1. Alas, the younger consumer has been a difficult nut to crack for most mid-range dealers for some time now. Fortunately, they love the social media aspect of blogging. It really is their preferred way to research, learn, be inspired and look for things they want to live with in their homes.

    The number of style/fashion/design blogs created by them are staggeringly huge. They also follow one another’s blogs religiously and link heavily to one another. In effect, contributing to the creation of today’s style.

    Seek them out, and establish a relationship with them by commenting on their blog. It will result in higher traffic being driven to your own site, and new eyes seeing your material.

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