New York Antiques Week and Your Business

In 1 on January 18, 2010 at 6:52 pm

Once again, the intense monitoring of my growing business has kept me off the blog post. In the in between minutes though, I have  sort through a lot of information, PR bites and new technology. t

Overall, there’s nothing better than getting buyers into the store. When that can’t happen, well heeled dealers head for the Shows. What with trade paper coverage of Shows covering the good news, it is sometimes hard to see through the haze.  Dealers who do well, are complimentary. Dealers who don’t, often never see their comments in print.  The best barometer for how a show is doing is visiting it…talking to the Fair producers…hearing the bravos…weathering the whiners…and taking home hard-to-get info.

I’m optimistic now and looking forward to great things from New York Antiques Week.

One of the sterling events is bound to be Leigh Keno’s May Auction Preview on Saturday, at the Regency.

Another fun time will be the NY Ceramics Fair, which plays in a small venue to a specialized group.

Then there The Winter Antiques Show Gala Preview.

The beat goes on, as dealers do their thing.

But what happens to the dealers who don’t do shows?

Are you being upstaged by the glitter and gloss?  Or is it helping you?

Validation comes in terms of sales.

We’ll wait a few days to see what the real world findings are and I will report back.

In the meantime, you should ways to sight (or, site) new clients.  Strong sales made by traditional marketing tactics are good. They can also be deceptive, coercing you into a cocoon and blinding you from the realities of the larger marketing pictures.


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