How to Make 2010 a Profitable Year.

In 1 on December 31, 2009 at 4:14 pm

Happy New Year, everyone!  As I sit here this morning contemplating the rough year we all just experienced and looking forward to the new, I’m optimistic for you-for our businesses, antiques dealers, art galleries, museums, shows.

Despite the fact that our cherished dealer oriented trade papers and  magazines have been slow to spread the PRV.2 marketing message, the future is at hand.

Yesterday, I was appalled to read in a recent issue of  Maine Antiques Digest that “Web 2.0” as the writer said,  has a “slippery definition.”   How inaccurate.

Web 2.0, PR V.2, is a system  as “scientific” as

direct mail was before the internet.

PR V.2 is complete with controls, balances and metrics.

There is already a Canadian social sales site that has, over the past years, increased individual antique dealers’ businesses by 25%.   One member dealer even told me that he no longer even advertises in print media.

Frankly, I don’t entirely agree with leaving print out of the mix. But I had to acknowledge the bottom line increase with a virtual fist bump.

Although Facebook and Twitter, My Space and YouTube are bandied about as the end all and be all of social networking – there is much more to the picture.

Social Networking is only the tip of the iceberg.

I want to introduce you to a world of social networking for antiques dealers, art galleries, show promoters that is much broader and far more targeted.

I want to give  you the ability to get involved in a dialog with seasoned and new collectors – just as you would in your in-store environment.

  • Comments get people engaged.
  • Comments build a dialog,
  • Comments teach,
  • Comments create trust,
  • Comments lead to qualified leads,
  • Comments lead to building a targeted audience,
  • Comments lead to solid sales.
  • Comments build communities!

Someone said that there is no future unless we invent one.  In 2010, let’s reinvent the antiques and arts trade.

PR V.2 will let you reach beyond your shop’s location, beyond the four walls of your show.

Thank you for being part of my community at

The Art of Marketing the Fine Arts.

We look forward to working with you in the coming year.


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