How to Appeal to Young Collectors.

In 1 on December 2, 2009 at 4:05 pm

The fantastic Thanksgiving weekend found me slogging through a pile of work.  When I’m that deep into a project, the blog suffers. One of these days I’ll grow two heads and four hands. Or not.

I’m really happy to report that the more I get out and meet dealers, the more I believe we’re almost all on the same page now – and more than ready to mix it up with new buyers.

The Brooklyn Museum and Sanford Smith have long collaborated on a Young Designer’s Award presentation at the Modernism Show.  What a great way to generate interest among the trendies.  (FYI, here’s a link to my review of the Modernism+ART20 Show. At the end of the article, you’ll see the quintessential mixing of old guard new ideas.)

Modernsm Award Recipients

OLD GUARD/NEW GUARD. Modernism + ART20 awards recipients, Barrie A. and Deedee Wigmore and Yves Behar, flanked by Brooklyn Museum curator Barry Harwood, L, and show manager, Sanford Smth.

And the revolutionary Christie’s / Elle Decor partnership seems to be doing the job.

Maybe the newbies  don’t have the money (yet) that the old guard does, but does it make a difference?  We’re experiencing a correction of art prices so it’s really a great time to get into the market. And if there’s one thing this gen understands, it’s how  to spend.

Of course, they want way  more than Kulture. They want to have have fun too. This bring us back to the idea that  Experience Trumps Exhibit that I wrote about recently. But the fact is that they two are synergistic.

At this time of year, especially, all routes should lead to your shop or gallery.   Here are a  few ideas I’ve seen other dealers and galleriests do successfully.  I’m sure you have thought of  them but seeing them in print might just validate your own inner marketer.

  • Partner with the local wine seller. If your shop lends itself to it,  he may us host a tasting there. Nothing like a little free grape to make the eyes bigger.
  • Advertise great finds at affordable prices. Find the right price point and send out a newsletter – or run an ad. Don’t be shy. Put that dollar figure in the headline. How about “American Paintings Under $5,000.”

  • Or, take the path of cautions humor as Jack Rutberg,  Jack Rutberg Fine Arts,  Los Angeles, did in a Thanksgiving weekend newsletterl. He posed the Q. “What do you do with relatives after the turkey?’ His answer, bring them down to the gallery.   That Q. had a universal theme.

Bottom line: The new collectors and buyers are their.  (Could they be the Ren Gen? Indeed, they could.) And the holiday season is a great time to target them.

Slightly off message, but possibly helpful. Check out or new home page. (We  finally got around to updating it…and there will be updates to come, just as soon as can come up for air. ) Check it out: PR To the Trade.


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