Meet the New Art & Antiques Collectors.

In 1 on November 9, 2009 at 11:08 pm

An associate cornered me recently with, “Hey, Reggie, I’ve got some great gossip for your blog.”  Hands over ears, I let out a “Yikes.” I’m blogging to educate, I said. Let TMZ handle the gossip.

The whole purpose of this column is to show the antiques and arts niche we serve that public relations and marketing have morphed into a two-way conversation.

PR is a buyer driven now.

The 2-Way PR model.

The old rules don’t apply. The buyers are in the driver’s seat.  And just to keep things interesting,  there’s a new phase afoot.

It’s the rise of a burgeoning, curious,

well-informed class of cultural consumers

unlike any you have seen before.

They’re called the  RenGen, a term coined by Patricia Martin in her book “Renaissance Generation.”  These new buyers, who are going to be willing to spend on everything from decorative arts to the presentation arts, are informed by  the confluence of entertainment, culture and business.

Now, they don’t necessarily fit a generational chronology but they do share certain traits.  Chief among these is reading. (Yes! The RenGen reads.) They discuss. They  question and are eager for you to respond to their questions.

If this sounds like what you do on a retail, basis, it is.  The big difference is that you must take that same message, that same personable expertise that is your brand, to a broader – shall we say global – audience.

From a purely marketing POV, the best way to do this is to whip out the Mont Blanc, Etore’s red typewriter or your favorite laptop and start writing. The RenGen thrives on  information.

The marketing tools you will need to become skilled at are:

  • Article Marketing,
  • 2-way promotions that exceed social networks,
  • Websites that engage and invite comment,
  • Keyword rich content that doesn’t read like it was written for keywords.

Once you put your expertise out there, be ready to listen.

The new collector is vocal. Things that new collectors say on the Internet  go viral. When that happens,  you have more than a sale. You have a brand ambassador. Your business has a brighter future because you have met and been approved by the RenGen.

  1. I read your blog all the time. You are the only person that gives us dealers information that we can really build on. Good tips on the New Collectors!

  2. Gossip on TMZ…you must really mean authentic gossip sites such as Celebuzz, Socialite Life and Just Jared! Otherwise, I totally agree with your analysis of the RenGen buyer. They are tastemakers and influencers and to reach them you need to provide some new, info that will entertain, amaze and inform.

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