Sell More Antiques this Fall.

In 1 on September 30, 2009 at 7:12 pm

In an antique buyers’ market,  how can you increase sales?  Hint: PR is one of your most important tools.

Whether you’re keeping the shop open later, organizing events or cocktail evenings in your store, doing the Show circuit or advertising more, PR is going to…

  1. Turn shoppers into buyers faster
  2. Reach new business prospects across the globe
  3. Get your name out to the media
  4. Set your shop or website above  the competition

Now that you’ve got it, you’re probably asking: What makes a good PR program?

A well-crafted PR strategy includes  press releases, article marketing, viral marketing.

Now, I’m going to toot our own horn. As good as you are at selling antiques, that’s how good PR To the Trade is in handling PR for antique dealers.  While we completely appreciate the inherent beauty of your product, we know that ultimately the story the media wants…the story the buyers want …is about you.

We are selling you, your image, your expertise. Just the way you do in your own shop. Difference is, we utilize the tools that  reach a universe (literally) of people who will never in a thousand years see you ads in the newspaper, trade papers or glossies. They are buyers who may never pay to get into a Show. These are the buyers who are will make Fall ’09 successful.

So, if you’re serious about making the 4th quarter great, consider the benefits of PR. Together we can turn shoppers into buyers for you.

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