Who’s Regina Kolbe and Why Should You Care?

In 1 on September 9, 2009 at 3:06 pm

kolbegoodscreenshotNow that I’m over the ego-crushing hurdle of realizing that you might not know who I am or what fine arts marketing is about – after all, as a dealer or gallerist, you’re a pretty good marketer yourself – let me introduce myself.

I’m Regina Kolbe (you can call me Reggie). You have probably read my cover stories in Antiques & the Arts Weekly. This week I cover  “Viet Nam: From River Plain to Open Sea”, opening at the Museum of Fine  Arts, Houston.  Or, perhaps we have talked at one of  the Armory shows that I frequent.

My company, PR To the Trade, is the only publicity firm that specializes in promotions for auctioneers, dealers, appraisers, show promoters, museums.

PR To the Trade is small and we offer very personalized promotion services. I steer the boat with the help of a great crew.

  • Harvey Gamm, a one-in-a-million sales guy, provides input on new business development,
  • Joshua Gatcke, a web designer with creativity and energy to spare, is an intuitive marketer who, to paraphrase what deKooning said about Gorky, understands from the inside out what I have spent years learning.
  • Walt Borton, who you probably know as the point person on the Casky-Lees shows, is a senior marketing associate.
  • Anna Karlssen has just joined the team as a Jr. PR person. Anna is eager and dedicated. She’s great at getting ink too.
  • In the office, Jill Holtzman,  is the voice on the other end of the phone. She also handles the bookkeeping.

After a substantial career in consumer and direct marketing for Fortune 500 companies that led to consulting to Sotheby’s, I realized the need for professional marketing advice to the trade.  Today, as the arts and antiques business changes rapidly, our promotion strategies are helping clients stay a step ahead.

What PR To the Trade does is help acquaint you with the opportunities available and suggest and implement strategies such as inbound link marketing and media opportunities that help you convert browsers to buyers.

PR is not just about editorial coverage  or

hits; it’s about generating new business.

In coming blogs, I’ll tell more about how PR To the Trade can deliver new collectors and new buyers. Even share with  you some DIY techniques. Because in a world where people no longer build collections the way they used to, there are strategies that will bring new buyers into the fold.

The best route to helping you is to hear from you. Please use the comment section to offer ways this blog can be of service.

  1. What a cute face… it gives me confidence instantly..
    i have a small craft business.. it isn’t exactly art but it is misunderstood by most browsers who cannot tell the difference between quality craft and junk… can your expertise help us educate clients through the internet?

    Louise Vogel/

    • Luisa, we work with a similar creative person, an Ikebana expert. I believe we could certainly devise strategies to drive your business as we have hers.

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